Creativity is contagious, pass it on

– Albert Einstein

Oh well, after all my autumn praise I got to taste the downside of the season and catch a little cold. It’s been years since I’ve had fever! Luckily this disease only got me to bed for one and a half day, so I did have time to enjoy the weekend too.

Ever since I started this blog and my Instagram account, I’ve been very inspired about home interior stuff and had so many ideas running through my head. While I was healing, I had time to think about some of the improvements I’d like to make around the house.

One of the trouble areas for me has been our living room. It’s a large room with four big windows, white walls, wooden ceiling and dark tile floor – an ideal blank space really. Unfortunately, our house renovating projects are eating all our savings and extra money, so I can’t buy anything new or expensive (at least for now), and need to manage with the mix-match of furniture we already have scraped together for over the years. There are some quite nice pieces too in that mix-match, they just don’t go so well together and that’s why it’s been quite a challenge to make the room comfy, yet stylish. All in all, you could say the biggest problem has been the lack of  money to invest into this room styling, but also the lack of imagination and creativity.

The living room before the makeover (picture 1). I haven’t found the perfect drapes yet, but I like those big windows, as there’s so much light coming in, not to mention the beautiful views of the fields and forest.
The living room before the makeover (picture 2). The beige sofa covers don’t fit in that well and the pictures should be hang up on the walls. This side of the room would also need some more green plants to give a final touch.

Okay, so no money to spend for new decoration or furniture
 for some it might be a deal breaker, but not for me, not when I’m having the creativity mode on! The minute I started to feel like myself again, I started to go through all our cabinets and cupboards, and collect things I could sell on flea markets. Although I have been quite good with recycling and we don’t have loads of extra stuff at home, there’s always something we’ve been holding on to, but don’t really need or use anyway. For example an extra blender, an old coffee set and 40 pieces of Ikea mugs (don’t even ask). Suddenly, I had filled the kitchen tabletop and a whole box with unnecessary things. When to it, I also did some organizing in the kitchen cabinets and it felt really relieving to suddenly have a little extra space. I’m doing Konmari my own way, haha.

Now after a few days I’ve been rid of only a few things, but already earned myself 100 euros. From that I’ve spent 50 euros on white sofa covers I found secondhand. The whole room freshened up and the covers match the color range so much better than the old beige ones. Of course, I’ll now also try to sell the beige covers and hopefully earn some more cash for the room makeover. As I was cleaning around at home, I even realized I have lots of different fabrics that would work well as new cushion covers, so I just need to start sewing.

The new sofa covers are already making a big difference!


During the weekend, I even made a macramĂ© plant hanger with help of these super easy instructions, click. I’m going to buy some more green plants, as I think they give a great final touch to any room – and because I love them! No explanations needed. Then I also have many different frames and pictures I’ll hang on the walls. For some reason I haven’t done that earlier, maybe because I’ve tried to figure out whether the walls should be painted or not, but in any case they definitely need some eye catchers. I think I’ll also try to make a macramĂ© wall hanger.

My excitement is still on, so I’ll be reporting about the progress and results also in here, just in case it would inspire someone else to let their inner creativeness flourish.

Be happy, be creative.

xx mybohem

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower

– Albert Camus

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been convincing myself that I’m a summer person by heart, but this year it hit me – I actually enjoy autumn much more! Every winter I’m dreaming about the next summer; all the things I’d love to do, people I’d love to meet and places I’d love to go to (not to mention the hopes considering the weather). And then, almost every summer, I find myself freeze in front of all those things, so badly that it’s almost impossible to even remember what my actual desires were in the first place. The problem lies in all the expectations.

I’ve learned by now that I’m a person who likes to plan things to a certain point, but I hate when my calendar gets filled with things, because the minute something is planned and written in the calendar it turns into something I must do. I guess that’s when my inner rebel wakes up and starts fighting back by doing only these must do things and leaving all the other things undone. Does that make any sense?

Anyway, I’ve noticed that autumn feels more like a relief after all the summer hassle. There’s no unnecessary expectations and that’s maybe one reason why it’s so much easier to get inspired by things. Clearly, I also need that blank page, freedom from all the must do’s, to be able to feed my creativeness. In a way, autumn works as a fresh start.

And who doesn’t love the darkening evenings and those a bit crispy mornings, candlelight and crawling under a blanket, walks in the forest, the natures riot of colors, and picking apples directly from the garden? I for sure do.

xx mybohem


Sometimes, home has a heartbeat

– Beau Taplin

We live in an old farmhouse, surrounded by beautiful fields and forests. Back in the days this property was owned by a farmer family, and the couple who built our house had eight children, six girls and two boys. Our kind neighbor gave us some old pictures of the farm in the 1930’s, and of course the house and the surroundings have changed a lot from then, not to mention the way of life. Anyway, it feels somehow comforting to know that there’s a long history behind it all and that the story goes on, only now in a different time and lifestyle.

The house is old, nearly 100 years, so there’s a lot of work to be done, but luckily for us, the whole middle floor has been renovated by the previous owners. We’re happy with the outcome as well, although there’s some details we’d like to fix here and there before we’re completely satisfied.

One of the to-be-fixed areas is in the kitchen. I will not show you any pictures from that spot yet, but you can try to imagine pink tiles (yes, pink!), a top cabinet and workbench lamps with serious 90’s vibes (not in a good way). This is not on the top of the list right now, so we’ll just have to live with it and that’s manageable, as there’s so many other spots in the kitchen that we truly appreciate.

Like this old baking oven. That was on our wish-list when we were in search for our dream home. It’s a nice and cozy detail to the kitchen, it can be used to heat the house in the cold seasons and on top of that, it’s perfect when it comes to baking homemade pizza. The pizza’s we’ve baked in it have been ridiculously good, hands down, the best I’ve ever eaten! And that’s a lot said, don’t you think?

We also truly fancy the wooden ceilings and the tiled floors. At first I was a bit skeptical about those floors, as I’d always imagined my home would have boarded floors, but nowadays I actually like them. We have underfloor heating, so the tiles feel quite nice and warm during winter time and in opposite, pleasantly cool during summer.

Then there’s the centerpiece in the kitchen, that’s where we cook, wash the dishes, eat and drink. You could say that this is the heart of the house, as it’s in the middle of the kitchen and often also the place our friends and family like to gather around whilst visiting us. We love the fact that we can prepare food and entertain our guests at the same time.

As I’ve told before, I simply love this antique cupboard! It’s filled with some of our everyday tableware and gives the much needed additional space for all the cups, glasses, plates and bowls. At some point I’d like to get some more of those beautiful Swedish Grace series. I like their delicate look and the pastel colors.



From the kitchen you can enter to the dining room. I’m not so happy yet with the interior solutions, but I’ll get there. The room definitely needs a big carpet beneath the dining table, but I’m not quite sure with the color. I’m confident I’ll know when i see the right one.

The walls are painted with chalk paint and I’m really happy with the result. I didn’t like the earlier color at all. It was not entirely white, more like pale peach or something. This is so much better and I think the dark grey gives the room more depth and that cozy feeling. I’m planning on hanging some of those old farm pictures on the walls but I just need to fix the frames first.

We found that old side table in the cellar when we moved in and I didn’t have the heart to throw it away, although it’s all broken and scuffed up. This is a perfect example of me getting attached to old furniture, but it could be worse, I guess. I’ll make something nice out of that someday.

The home decorating and renovating are probably going to be eternity projects in this house, but at least we have something that keeps us dreaming.

And the story goes on…

xx mybohem


Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story

– Erin Flett

It’s not a secret that I simply love flea markets and secondhand stuff! Our home is filled with things I’ve found on my little treasure hunts, and that’s what they really are to me, treasures. I feel like I’m saving these poor little things and giving them another chance, haha. Seriously speaking, it’s also more affordable and ecological, than buying new things, and if you ask me, it’s more fun too. You never know what you’ll find (sometimes nothing) and that’s what makes it so exciting.

Yesterday I decided to test my luck at the flea markets, and oh boy, I’m happy I did. It was a success! My whole catch is in the below photo. Almost immediately I walked into that large ceramic vase with the most beautiful color and shapes. I was thrilled, and felt it had already been a visit worth doing.


I have a weird weakness for baskets. It doesn’t matter big or small, round or square, if it’s a basket I will at least pick it up and consider whether it’s worth buying, whether I really need it. I don’t, but at times I just can’t help myself. This time I was telling myself, I already had use for the basket, as I was anyway going to buy a big green plant, and would of course need a plant pot to put it in. So, the decision was easy – a couple euros versus 30-50 euros (as new) was quite a good deal. The other basket was just too cute to leave behind, as well as the white and turquoise tray. I like their boho vibes!

However, one of the best finds by far was this flower table. It’s old, dirty, worn and in need for a new paint layer, but in my eyes it has great potential. I will paint it at some point, but for now it works perfectly fine. I already placed it in the living room and arranged all my green plants on it. Now they can continue growing beside each other.

It always gives so much inspiration when you get new things to decorate with, and for me it often means, I’ll start cleaning up the house room by room. Today I finished up with the living and dining room and tomorrow I’ll continue with the rest of the house.

Have a good night!

xx mybohem

What greater gift than the love of a cat

– Charles Dickens

Getting a cat has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. Our cat has brought so much joy to our lives! It’s a wonderful and warming feeling to provide a good home and environment to this little creature, who is obviously enjoying it’s life to the fullest.

Our cat is named Helmi, pearl in Finnish, after the stripe around her neck, resembling a pearl necklace. The name suits her well and I have to say Miss Helmi is truly a personality! She always welcomes us home with loud meows, loves to be scratched on her tummy, often sleeps on the blanket between my legs, enjoys playing hide&seek and believe me or not, demands my husband to keep her company in the garden. She’s really playful and yes, I guess she’s kind of bossy too, but that just makes us laugh! And don’t get me wrong, she’s really loving and gentle towards us, and all people for that matter.

Helmi has been living with us nearly one year now. I still remember the day we got her. We’d decided to get a cat whenever the possibility would occur, and one September morning I saw an announcement on Facebook about this little kitten, who was still without a home. Later that same day we found ourselves driving back home with Helmi in a basket. We felt so happy!

The most unbelievable thing is that Helmi is born the exact same day we bought and moved in to this house, the home of our dreams. How can that be possible? I think it was meant to be, simply our destiny.

xx mybohem


A home with old furniture has no need of ghosts to be haunted

– Hope Mirrlees

Our home is a mix of furniture and details that we’ve either received as gifts, inherited or found secondhand. Actually there’s only a few furniture we’ve bought new to this house. I value the stories behind things and think it makes them a bit more interesting, and often more beautiful too. I will share some of my favorite items.

This antique cupboard is one of the most precious secondhand finds I own and probably the only furniture in our home I would not trade for anything. I just love it! I was so lucky to get this and I have to say, on top of everything, it was really inexpensive. The previous owners bought it in an antique shop in Rauma, and by chance that’s the town where my grandmother was born and spent her younger years. So maybe this has belonged to someone she knew or even been in the family, you never know.

I like these decoration details and cactuses. The bookshelf is painted with black chalk paint and I just love the matte finishing it gives.

This beautiful chest was a gift to us from my in-law’s. It’s really old, presumably from the 19th century.  The Stockholm Design House Light is also a gift I got on my 25th birthday from my high school friends. I like how this combination creates a contrast between old and modern. The side tables I found a long time ago from a local flea market.

The old Singer sewing machine is heritage from my grandmother. My grand-grandmother has been sewing with this back in the days. The chair is yet one of my secondhand finds and the lamp is from a Finnish brand called Pentik. The Raku ceramic houses are handmade by me.

It’s nice to surround yourself with good memories and things that remind you of important people in your life.

xx mybohem

Never go on trips with anyone you don’t love

– Ernest Hemingway

Me and my girlfriends have a tradition to make a day trip to Tallinn, Estonia once a year. This year we did it in August and it happened to be one of the hottest summer days!

I really have to recommend Telliskivi Creative City – it’s a youthful, relaxed and inspiring area just a walk distance away from the Old Town. Serious hip & cool vibes!

There’s a flea market organized every summer Saturday and we managed to get there just before closing time. In the picture above you can see, in my opinion, one of the nicest bars in Tallinn, Pudel Bar. We went there with my husband and our friend couple in July, and actually that’s when we all visited this part of the city for the first time.

Of course I had to show this place to my girlfriends too!


We enjoyed some drinks and food at KĂ€rbes Kitchen&Bar. Cheers to a group of dear old friends!



And afterward some dessert and sparkling wine in Old Town.



It was such a nice trip once again! Amazingly we were lucky enough to avoid the huge thunderstorm which was raging over southern parts of Finland.

Until next year and new adventures!

xx mybohem