Sometimes, home has a heartbeat

– Beau Taplin

We live in an old farmhouse, surrounded by beautiful fields and forests. Back in the days this property was owned by a farmer family, and the couple who built our house had eight children, six girls and two boys. Our kind neighbor gave us some old pictures of the farm in the 1930’s, and of course the house and the surroundings have changed a lot from then, not to mention the way of life. Anyway, it feels somehow comforting to know that there’s a long history behind it all and that the story goes on, only now in a different time and lifestyle.

The house is old, nearly 100 years, so there’s a lot of work to be done, but luckily for us, the whole middle floor has been renovated by the previous owners. We’re happy with the outcome as well, although there’s some details we’d like to fix here and there before we’re completely satisfied.

One of the to-be-fixed areas is in the kitchen. I will not show you any pictures from that spot yet, but you can try to imagine pink tiles (yes, pink!), a top cabinet and workbench lamps with serious 90’s vibes (not in a good way). This is not on the top of the list right now, so we’ll just have to live with it and that’s manageable, as there’s so many other spots in the kitchen that we truly appreciate.

Like this old baking oven. That was on our wish-list when we were in search for our dream home. It’s a nice and cozy detail to the kitchen, it can be used to heat the house in the cold seasons and on top of that, it’s perfect when it comes to baking homemade pizza. The pizza’s we’ve baked in it have been ridiculously good, hands down, the best I’ve ever eaten! And that’s a lot said, don’t you think?

We also truly fancy the wooden ceilings and the tiled floors. At first I was a bit skeptical about those floors, as I’d always imagined my home would have boarded floors, but nowadays I actually like them. We have underfloor heating, so the tiles feel quite nice and warm during winter time and in opposite, pleasantly cool during summer.

Then there’s the centerpiece in the kitchen, that’s where we cook, wash the dishes, eat and drink. You could say that this is the heart of the house, as it’s in the middle of the kitchen and often also the place our friends and family like to gather around whilst visiting us. We love the fact that we can prepare food and entertain our guests at the same time.

As I’ve told before, I simply love this antique cupboard! It’s filled with some of our everyday tableware and gives the much needed additional space for all the cups, glasses, plates and bowls. At some point I’d like to get some more of those beautiful Swedish Grace series. I like their delicate look and the pastel colors.



From the kitchen you can enter to the dining room. I’m not so happy yet with the interior solutions, but I’ll get there. The room definitely needs a big carpet beneath the dining table, but I’m not quite sure with the color. I’m confident I’ll know when i see the right one.

The walls are painted with chalk paint and I’m really happy with the result. I didn’t like the earlier color at all. It was not entirely white, more like pale peach or something. This is so much better and I think the dark grey gives the room more depth and that cozy feeling. I’m planning on hanging some of those old farm pictures on the walls but I just need to fix the frames first.

We found that old side table in the cellar when we moved in and I didn’t have the heart to throw it away, although it’s all broken and scuffed up. This is a perfect example of me getting attached to old furniture, but it could be worse, I guess. I’ll make something nice out of that someday.

The home decorating and renovating are probably going to be eternity projects in this house, but at least we have something that keeps us dreaming.

And the story goes on…

xx mybohem


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