Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower

– Albert Camus

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been convincing myself that I’m a summer person by heart, but this year it hit me – I actually enjoy autumn much more! Every winter I’m dreaming about the next summer; all the things I’d love to do, people I’d love to meet and places I’d love to go to (not to mention the hopes considering the weather). And then, almost every summer, I find myself freeze in front of all those things, so badly that it’s almost impossible to even remember what my actual desires were in the first place. The problem lies in all the expectations.

I’ve learned by now that I’m a person who likes to plan things to a certain point, but I hate when my calendar gets filled with things, because the minute something is planned and written in the calendar it turns into something I must do. I guess that’s when my inner rebel wakes up and starts fighting back by doing only these must do things and leaving all the other things undone. Does that make any sense?

Anyway, I’ve noticed that autumn feels more like a relief after all the summer hassle. There’s no unnecessary expectations and that’s maybe one reason why it’s so much easier to get inspired by things. Clearly, I also need that blank page, freedom from all the must do’s, to be able to feed my creativeness. In a way, autumn works as a fresh start.

And who doesn’t love the darkening evenings and those a bit crispy mornings, candlelight and crawling under a blanket, walks in the forest, the natures riot of colors, and picking apples directly from the garden? I for sure do.

xx mybohem


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