Creativity is contagious, pass it on

– Albert Einstein

Oh well, after all my autumn praise I got to taste the downside of the season and catch a little cold. It’s been years since I’ve had fever! Luckily this disease only got me to bed for one and a half day, so I did have time to enjoy the weekend too.

Ever since I started this blog and my Instagram account, I’ve been very inspired about home interior stuff and had so many ideas running through my head. While I was healing, I had time to think about some of the improvements I’d like to make around the house.

One of the trouble areas for me has been our living room. It’s a large room with four big windows, white walls, wooden ceiling and dark tile floor – an ideal blank space really. Unfortunately, our house renovating projects are eating all our savings and extra money, so I can’t buy anything new or expensive (at least for now), and need to manage with the mix-match of furniture we already have scraped together for over the years. There are some quite nice pieces too in that mix-match, they just don’t go so well together and that’s why it’s been quite a challenge to make the room comfy, yet stylish. All in all, you could say the biggest problem has been the lack of  money to invest into this room styling, but also the lack of imagination and creativity.

The living room before the makeover (picture 1). I haven’t found the perfect drapes yet, but I like those big windows, as there’s so much light coming in, not to mention the beautiful views of the fields and forest.
The living room before the makeover (picture 2). The beige sofa covers don’t fit in that well and the pictures should be hang up on the walls. This side of the room would also need some more green plants to give a final touch.

Okay, so no money to spend for new decoration or furniture… for some it might be a deal breaker, but not for me, not when I’m having the creativity mode on! The minute I started to feel like myself again, I started to go through all our cabinets and cupboards, and collect things I could sell on flea markets. Although I have been quite good with recycling and we don’t have loads of extra stuff at home, there’s always something we’ve been holding on to, but don’t really need or use anyway. For example an extra blender, an old coffee set and 40 pieces of Ikea mugs (don’t even ask). Suddenly, I had filled the kitchen tabletop and a whole box with unnecessary things. When to it, I also did some organizing in the kitchen cabinets and it felt really relieving to suddenly have a little extra space. I’m doing Konmari my own way, haha.

Now after a few days I’ve been rid of only a few things, but already earned myself 100 euros. From that I’ve spent 50 euros on white sofa covers I found secondhand. The whole room freshened up and the covers match the color range so much better than the old beige ones. Of course, I’ll now also try to sell the beige covers and hopefully earn some more cash for the room makeover. As I was cleaning around at home, I even realized I have lots of different fabrics that would work well as new cushion covers, so I just need to start sewing.

The new sofa covers are already making a big difference!


During the weekend, I even made a macramé plant hanger with help of these super easy instructions, click. I’m going to buy some more green plants, as I think they give a great final touch to any room – and because I love them! No explanations needed. Then I also have many different frames and pictures I’ll hang on the walls. For some reason I haven’t done that earlier, maybe because I’ve tried to figure out whether the walls should be painted or not, but in any case they definitely need some eye catchers. I think I’ll also try to make a macramé wall hanger.

My excitement is still on, so I’ll be reporting about the progress and results also in here, just in case it would inspire someone else to let their inner creativeness flourish.

Be happy, be creative.

xx mybohem

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