If life gives you lemons, make some kind of fruity juice

– Conan O’Brien

I’ve been interested in natural cosmetics for some years now, and have step by step moved towards using all natural products. Now about an year after only using natural skincare products and cosmetics, my skin is better than ever! Of course there’s some aging to be seen on my face (I’m over thirty for god’s sake), but I’ve got rid of impurity and almost all blackheads, and I feel that my skin nowadays has a natural and healthy glow. On top of that, I don’t have a need to put that much makeup on anymore, as I feel more comfortable in my own skin. Anyway, I can’t give all the credits to the products, because I’ve been doing some changes also in my diet, not anything dramatic, yet big enough to have an effect to my well being. I’ve been juicing!

I was introduced to juicing by my cosmetologist about one year ago, when she invited me to an evening event she held to some of her customers. I had heard about juicing before but didn’t know that much about it. I went to this event with an open mind, and learned more of all the benefits and experiences of juicing, got to see the making of it and taste different green juices. After the event I was so inspired I had to watch the documentary “Fat, sick and nearly dead”, and from that point, I’ve been confident that juicing is really good for your health and overall well being.

In January I finally ordered my own juicer and since then juicing has been a weekly part of my diet. I’m not necessarily making juices every day, I just go with the feeling. Mostly I do juices in the weekends but sometimes I just feel I need that extra energy for example after a long day at work and make myself a glass of green juice.

The idea of juicing is to not only use fruit, but to include all kinds of vegetables. And the list of variations is endless. I like to add at least lemon and ginger to all my juices; otherwise I often just go with what we have at home, like apple, pear, orange, cucumber, broccoli, spinach, pineapple, celery, zucchini, carrot and beetroot, just to mention a few of my favorite ingredients.


One of the biggest benefits I’ve noticed when juicing is that I automatically eat lots of more vegetables and fruits when I can drink them. Also I feel more energetic and healthy, my skin is better and on top of that I think the juices actually taste really good. I think my husband can agree on that too.

Since I’ve had my own juicer, I’ve been following a group in Facebook called Juice Finland, where people are telling about their own experiences of juicing and it’s just so amazing to read about all those stories. For some people this has really been a life changer, or in some cases, even a life saver! I’m planning to do a 3-Day Juice Challenge by Jason Vale during this autumn just to see what kind of changes it will do in me, and if it seems suitable I may even try a longer challenge. Juicing is slowly becoming an addiction – a good one!

Lot’s of energy to you!

xx mybohem

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