The light can be a curtain as well as the darkness

– George Eliot

Yay! I finally found the perfect curtain rods to our living room. It was not an easy task, I tell you. I’ve been doing some searching for several weeks now. As always, I was first checking the options in different webshops, but was seriously surprised by how expensive the rods are. Who wants to pay 200€ for four rails? Almost by accident I found the Jysk website and tadaa – there they were, the best alternative so far what comes to both quality and price. I was not going to miss this chance, so just in case, I made a reservation which turned out to be quite handy. The idea is to simply make a reservation in the webshop and then pay and pick the items from the store the next day. So, I reserved the rods on Sunday evening and already Monday morning I got a message, I could come and pick them up from the local store.

Picture from Jysk blog – I love every item! I had to really struggle not to buy that plant hanger and those cushions. That bench would be perfect in our future master bedroom. I will definitely start to visit the store a bit more often!

It’s been a while I’ve visited that store and I was actually positively surprised. I think their look has changed from earlier and there was many items I could’ve considered to bring home with me, but luckily I managed to keep my head cold and, in addition to the rods, only bought four seat cushions… because they were only 4€ piece… because I thought they would look great on the hallway bench (which they didn’t). This is a perfect example of feeling based purchase, but I think I’ll have use of them anyway, so I don’t feel that bad for my slip.

Picture from Jysk – This rod will be perfect, as we have quite similar rods in all the other rooms. It has a vintage touch, but not too much.

Now when I have my rods, I would of course need curtains, but I got quite blown away of their expensiveness too. I would be happy to pay for quality fabric if I had the money, but I think I’ll do a search visit to different flea markets during the weekend and I’ll also call my mom to ask if she maybe has some extra ones. I would prefer white ones so let’s hope I’ll find, if not the perfect ones, at least ones that would work well enough for now. When the whole curtain project is ready, I’ll take some pictures to show you guys how it all turned out, so stay tuned.

The next task will be to find carpets to the dining room and the living room (or even the whole middle floor). I have a feeling this will not be any easier task. Whoa. But I know it will be worth the effort in the end, and to be honest, I do like this kind of long-term home decorating. It feels more meaningful than buying everything at once, but of course I know everyone doesn’t have the chance or desire to drag out on this kind of things.

Enjoy your week!

xx mybohem

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