A healthy outside starts from the inside

– Robert Urich

I believe nutrition has a big impact on our health and what we put in our body reflects from our external being. I’m far from perfect when it comes to healthy eating but I usually notice from my energy level and overall being, when I should start putting extra attention to my diet. My weak point is that I’m a lazy cook and I hate grocery shopping, so I tend to eat just whatever we happen to have at home, usually something super easy and quick. I’m lucky, we don’t have all too much crap at hand, haha.

Juicing is both easy and quick and I guess that’s why I like it so much! You can do endless variations and hardly ever fail, all the juices are simply delicious. This autumn I decided, I’d try the 3-Day Juice Challenge by Jason Vale in hope to get extra energy and also out of curiosity. I want to find out if there’s any changes I can feel and see in myself in just three days. I will share my experience with you and hope you get inspired as well!

Preparations – Prepping, Shopping & Chopping

I bought the Jason Vale’s 3-Day Juice Challenge app already a few weeks ago and wanted to really get familiar with the contents. I think it was good to have enough time to get myself into the right mood and also to choose the perfect timing for the challenge.

I decided to start my challenge on Wednesday,  and I happened to have a facial on Tuesday, which was a perfect way to relax before the challenge. After my facial, I did all the grocery shopping and went home to do some preparations. I washed and chopped all the ingredients for the next day’s breakfast, lunch and afternoon drinks, and put them into own bowls in the fridge to wait for the morning. In the evening I had a little headache, I guess it was from the facial and the massage, so I went early to bed to get a good night sleep.

In this picture you can see almost all the vegetables and fruits I’m going to consume during the 3-Day Juice Challenge. According to Jason Vale it’s as much as an average person would consume in three weeks. I don’t have a problem with this, it looks so fresh and delicious!


Day 1 – Feeling good, energy low

After my usual morning routines, I started to prepare the first three juices for breakfast, lunch (Detox Special) and afternoon (H20 Detox). I made the lunch and afternoon drinks ready and put them into large bottles to take with me to work. To get it all done, I had to wake up a bit earlier than normally, but it was really good that I chopped all the ingredients ready into own bowls the evening before. This made it so much smoother!

07:00 Here I go, I drink the first juice for breakfast (Detox Special) and one large cup of mint tea. I feel full after the drink and I like the taste as well.

8:00 At work I would  normally take a double-double espresso but now I go for a large cup of mint tea and half liter of cold water.

9:00 Feeling great, two hours later still feeling full in my stomach!

10:30 A large cup of mint tea and half liter of cold water.

11:30 A little headache, could be from yesterday’s facial and massage…

11:30 First time starting to feel slightly hungry.

12:00 Lunch drink (Detox Special), a large cup of mint tea and half liter of cold water. I had a bit cold fingers but otherwise I feel good. The drink is the same as in the morning so that’s maybe a bit boring but it tastes okay anyway.

13:30 A large cup of mint tea and half liter of cold water.

16:00 Ashtanga yoga. This is the second class in a long time but I feel really good during the whole exercise. No headache, hunger or thirst.

17:30 Afternoon drink (H20 Detox). I empty the whole one liter bottle in just a few minutes and feel quite full again. Starting to have a headache again.

18:00 Preparing the dinner drink and chopping next days ingredients ready into bowls. Starting to feel a bit annoyed about washing the juicer, but remind myself It’s the same thing with any cooking.

19:00 Dinner (Beyond Detox). The juice tastes better than the earlier ones, so I drink it with a great appetite. Afterwards I start to feel exhausted…

19:30 Bedtime… Yes!? I can’t remember this happening ever before. I feel good in my body but just extremely tired, so I give in to this feeling and actually go to sleep.

The summary of the day would be that I felt really good but not that energetic. I had a headache throughout the whole day, but felt that it was a bit better during the yoga session. I suspect the headache was caused from the massage I got on Tuesday during my facial, as all the blood circulation revived, but of course it can have something to do with the new diet also. I’m positively surprised I didn’t feel any hunger or cravings the whole day.

Tomorrow I’ll share my experience from Day 2, so stay tuned!

xx mybohem


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