A healthy outside starts from the inside -Day 2

– Robert Urich

Yesterday I shared my feelings from the first day on the 3-Day Juice Challenge by Jason Vale. Today it’s time to tell you about my second day on this challenge. Hope you enjoy!

Day 2 – Good tastes, slow motion

I had a good night sleep, so I felt quite spry in the morning, although it was again a bit earlier wake up than what I’m used to. I did my usual routines; wash-up, make-up, dress-up and then started with my new ritual – the juicing. This day’s menu looked a bit different, so it’s nice to have some variation. One positive notice – I did not feel hungry at all this morning.

07:00 Breakfast juice (Super Detox) and one large cup of mint tea. This morning juice tastes really good and fresh. It contains pineapple, blueberries, blackberries and natural yogurt.

8:00 A large cup of mint tea and half liter of cold water.

10:30 I’m in a meeting starting to feel a bit cold, but otherwise all is good. I drink one glass of cold water.

12:00 It’s time for lunch (Dreamy Detox). I like this one very much! It’s a green juice with some of my favorites; apples, lemon, cucumber, celery and ginger. I also take the usual large cup of mint tea and half liter of cold water.

13:30 I feel warm in my body and the little headache is slightly fading away.

14:30 I start to feel hungry and try to keep myself full by drinking mint tea and water. I hope also the headache would keep away.

16:00 Yin yoga. This yoga is not as intense as ashtanga, so it suits well for today’s slow motion mood.

17:00 Having a call with one of my dearest friends, and feel thankful for all her support.

17:30 Afternoon drink (H20 Detox). I actually don’t feel that hungry anymore.

Here’s today’s dinner in a bowl. Beyond Detox ingredients: 3 Apples, 1 large handful Spinach Leaves, 2-3 cm Raw Red Beet, 2-3 cm Cucumber, 4 springs Fresh Parsley, 1/2 Avocado.


18:00 Preparing the dinner juice and chopping next days ingredients ready into bowls.

19:00 Dinner juice (Beyond Detox). This is the same as yesterday, but I like the taste so I have no problem drinking it.

19:30 I take a long warm shower and just relax in bed rest of the evening, watching some TV shows from my laptop. Okay, this part is not exactly what Jason Vale recommends, as he thinks the TV should be off during the challenge. I however like to relax this way and don’t think it’s that bad if you’re not used to combining it with eating.

21:00 Feeling sleepy and put the laptop away. Sweet dreams!

The topmost feelings from today were that I liked the juices more than the day before, but my energy level was still quite low. The headache was not that bad anymore, so I guess my need for caffeine is slightly fading. After the yoga session my humor was high and my friend’s pep talk made it even higher. No big struggles and that’s a bit surprising. I actually enjoy following the instructions, not having to think about what to make for dinner, haha.

Tomorrow I’ll share the last day’s feelings and give you a summary of the whole experience.

Wish you all a lovely Friday!

xx mybohem


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