A healthy outside starts from the inside -Day 3

– Robert Urich

I made it! The 3-Day Juice Challenge by Jason Vale is now over and I have to say I feel amazing. Today I’ll share my feelings from the last day and also from this morning, the first day after the challenge.

Day 3 – Feeling like a boss, energy on top

Today I got to sleep a bit longer and it felt really good. After all the usual morning routines it’s again time for juicing. I feel I start to have a hang on it! The juicing goes quicker than the days before, although I now have to prepare four juices, one for breakfast and three to go. Meal prep is something I plan to keep doing also after the challenge.

07:20 Breakfast juice (Detox Special) and one large cup of mint tea.

9:00 Half liter of cold water. No headache anymore whatsoever, yay! I feel energetic and a bit restless as I know I have to sit and work for eight hours…

10:00 Morning juice (H20 Detox). Feel a bit cold afterwards, so I decide to take one large cup of green tea.

12:45 Lunch (Beyond Detox). I don’t feel hungry but drink up anyway.

13:00 Yes! Only three more hours, then it’s off work.

14:00 Half liter of cold water. This workday feels so long…

16:00 TGIF! Finally off work.

16:30 Afternoon juice (H20 Detox).

17:00 To celebrate the last day of the challenge, I watch the Super Juice Me! documentary and as I could expect, it’s really motivating!

19:00 The last juice and today’s dinner (Dreamy Detox). Yay, it feels great to end the juice challenge with one of my favorites!

20:00 Rest of the evening I spend chilling by the fireplace with my laptop and a large cup of mint tea.

22:00 Sleep time! Zzzz

The last day I finally felt the energy! The headache I’ve had for a couple of days was now totally gone, and even the poor weather could not affect my good humor. I didn’t feel hunger or any kind of cravings. I feel so proud of myself for carrying out the challenge without any struggles. It amazes me how easy it actually was!

Summary – Totally worth it!

The challenge was totally worth doing! I feel great and have lots of inspiration now to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I woke up this Saturday full of energy and started the morning with a berry smoothie and mint tea. My habits were not that bad from the begin with, but there’s always place for improvement. My weakness is, I’m often insanely hungry after work and eat whatever I get in my hands, the faster the better, and the thing is, usually that’s something unhealthy. Now I know better and will simply make myself a juice. It surprised me how well the juices kept my hunger away all day, but when you think about it it’s kind of obvious, as you get so much healthy nutrition into your body. I will not deny any foods from myself in the future either (I know that would never work long term), because I know I want to eat pizza at times, but I’m happy if I can include a juice or a salad to my diet a bit more often.


My breakfast this morning: blueberry-blackberry-natural yogurt smoothie and my usual tea.

Things I’ve noticed in myself:

  • My stomach worked normally, no problems there. I’m used of drinking lots of water and therefore visit the toilet quite often anyway.
  • My skin looks brighter but a part of the credits goes of course to the facial I had before the challenge. I’ve been juicing before, so I know it has good effects on skin.
  • My weight has probably not changed. I don’t own a functioning scale so I don’t have any idea if I’ve loosen weight, but it was not why I did the challenge in the first place.
  • My energy level is on top and it was one of my main goals with this challenge. I love it!
  • My cravings are gone, I have none whatsoever! This is super weird because I’m such a sucker for sweets and fast food. I’m very happy about this!

I’ve been juicing for some time now, and I suspect this challenge is easier for those who are familiar with juicing and have a relatively healthy lifestyle to begin with, but it’s worth trying even if it’s a totally new thing to you. It will only be for three days, so anyone can do it! The instructions are super easy to follow, Jason Vale is an enthusiastic person and his videos will help you through every day. I would say that good planning and preparations are the key to success. It will help if you can clear your calendar from other things, so that you can focus on the challenge 100%. All in all, this 3-Day Juice Challenge will give you a kick start to a healthier lifestyle and I can warmly recommend it to anyone who feels up to it!

Enjoy the weekend!

xx mybohem


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