I’m a woman in my thirties, living in an old farmhouse on the beautiful southern-Finnish countryside with my husband and our beloved little cat, Miss Helmi. I’ve been planning to start a blog for a long time and have finally taken the plan into action. This will be very exciting!

You know the sayings “it’s all in the details” and “less is more”? I firmly believe in both. I have a creative soul but an impatient yet luckily, persistent mind. At times I’m strictly organized, sometimes a total bohemian. I enjoy different do-it-yourself -projects, painting, ceramics and handicrafts. I love to plan and organize parties and if you ask me, that’s when the details really do count.

I’m a fan of contrasts and love to mix decor styles. I would describe my home as cozy, rustic and a bit bohemian with a modern twist. Finding something unique secondhand is one of the best feelings I know! I also get very excited by all kinds of flowers, grown and wild, as well as green plants. Actually one of my dream is to someday have my own greenhouse (made of old windows, of course).

I will be writing of all this and much more on my blog.

I hope you’ll enjoy my company!

xx mybohem