If a book is well written, I always find it too short

– Jane Austen

I wish I would read more books, but for some reason I haven’t done it in a very long time. When I was younger, I remember always having a book unfinished on the nightstand, and also enjoyed all kinds of literature from Agatha Christie to Emily Brontë. Nowadays, I’m too often just relaxing by watching vain TV shows. I don’t know why it has felt so hard to just pick a book and start reading, but instead of doing that I’ve created another solution – audio books!

When I started my summer vacation this year, I had decided to do changes to my reading habits. Just by chance I happened to read about the BookBeat app in one of my favorite blogs and remembered the audio book recommendations from my friends and sister. I decided to give it a go and test the app. And so, one summer evening I did something I’d been longing to do, only now without an actual book in my hands: I took a glass of wine (or was it perhaps cider), crawled under a blanket in one of our beach chairs out in the garden and started to listen to the debut novel by Jo Nesbø, The Bat. That’s one of the best me-time memories from this summer, so relaxing!

Now I’ve been using BookBeat for a couple of months and already listened to several books. My new routine is to listen to an audio book, instead of the radio, while driving and it feels so great to do something “useful” with all that time spent in the car. I don’t have a long way to work but the drive there and back home takes around 40 minutes per day, which is enough time to keep the listening progress reasonable. The morning me-time in the car suddenly doesn’t feel that bad at all and I’ve started to look forward to those moments. Jo Nesbø’s character Harry Hole is now keeping me company, haha.

I’ll keep up with this routine and maybe it’ll  even encourage me to grab a real book sometime soon, who knows. By the way, I was laughing at the book selection in my bookshelf with  one of my friends the other day. It surely doesn’t give the best picture about mine or my husbands taste of literature. The selection is a mixture of child and youth books, grammars, history books, chick lit and fashion opuses, detective and fantasy stories, as well as classic novels and the latest bestsellers – well, actually, now when I think about it, it maybe doesn’t give the best picture of our, or let’s say my taste, but it definitely gives a very honest one of me anyway. I’m a person who likes to mix things and gets emotional ties to old stuff. That’s why the idea of selling my old books has not even come to mind. It’s silly I know, but that’s just the way I’m with certain things. I will never ever sell any of my books or CD’s. Period. This was maybe a bit off topic…

…but I hope you enjoyed it anyway. Have a cozy evening!

xx mybohem