What greater gift than the love of a cat

– Charles Dickens

Getting a cat has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. Our cat has brought so much joy to our lives! It’s a wonderful and warming feeling to provide a good home and environment to this little creature, who is obviously enjoying it’s life to the fullest.

Our cat is named Helmi, pearl in Finnish, after the stripe around her neck, resembling a pearl necklace. The name suits her well and I have to say Miss Helmi is truly a personality! She always welcomes us home with loud meows, loves to be scratched on her tummy, often sleeps on the blanket between my legs, enjoys playing hide&seek and believe me or not, demands my husband to keep her company in the garden. She’s really playful and yes, I guess she’s kind of bossy too, but that just makes us laugh! And don’t get me wrong, she’s really loving and gentle towards us, and all people for that matter.

Helmi has been living with us nearly one year now. I still remember the day we got her. We’d decided to get a cat whenever the possibility would occur, and one September morning I saw an announcement on Facebook about this little kitten, who was still without a home. Later that same day we found ourselves driving back home with Helmi in a basket. We felt so happy!

The most unbelievable thing is that Helmi is born the exact same day we bought and moved in to this house, the home of our dreams. How can that be possible? I think it was meant to be, simply our destiny.

xx mybohem