The conscious mind is the editor, and the subconscious mind is the writer.

– Steve Martin

The power of subconsciousness is something I’ve been thinking of lately. It’s unbelievable how things start to happen when you open your mind; think, talk and write about your dreams. Something in the universe clicks into the right position and after that there’s no turning back. The roller coaster ride starts and soon you’re heading towards your destination in full-speed. This is what’s happening to me currently and I’m so excited, yet absolutely terrified that I’ll hit a wall or some other obstacle on the way.

Last time I wrote about my blue feelings and indescribable anxiousness. I never thought writing of it would help the way it did, but afterwards I started to weight my options. I understood I only had two options; either to stay unhappy with my job or try to figure out what would actually help me to get on the right track. I had lots of ideas in my head. I started brainstorming asking myself questions like “What am I good at?” and “What do I like to do?”, and writing answers down on paper.

My new shelfs will act as my greenwall. More green plants added to my shopping list!
I found these beauties at the flea market last weekend. Love the spring colors!

Ever since I studied business, I’ve been thinking about entrepreneurship, but it’s been more like an unattainable dream than something I’d consciously pursue. After my little brainstorming session it became quite clear to me that having my own business would give me the possibility to exploit all my skills. The hard part was to try to figure out the red thread of the actual business idea – what would I sell? There were a lot of pieces missing from the picture and I just couldn’t put my vision into words.

Until one day when I came a cross one business for sale and click, I found my missing piece. Now things are not in my hands anymore, but are in motion and the only thing I can do is hope for the best. Please wish me the best of luck, I will really need it!!!

*fingers crossed*

xx mybohem