Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right

– Oprah Winfrey

And so it happened that I’m one year older again! One year and two weeks to be exact. I’ve never cared so much of my own birthdays and have only really organized a few birthday parties during my adulthood; when I turned 18, 20 and 25. After this there’s not been so much to celebrate (just kidding)! Maybe it’s partly because of the fact that January is often the time when people, or at least me, just like to have a break and calm down after all the Christmas and New Year’s hassle. This year I made an exception and invited some of my friends over for tea and (vegan!) Oreo cake.

The cake has only a few ingredients and is super easy to prepare. On top of this it tastes ridiculously good! Even my husband was impressed, so I can easily recommend it to anyone. Maybe you have a party coming up this weekend?

Oreo cake

1 1/2 package of Oreo Biscuits
60 g vegan margarine

2 packages of foaming soy cream
300 g of vegan chocolate

1 package of Oreo Biscuits
2 tablespoons of crushed vegan sucker candy

Cut some baking paper onto the bottom of a cake mold (24 cm in diameter) and grease the edges. Crush the biscuits for the base. Melt the margarine and mix it with the biscuits in a baking jar. Press the biscuit chips into the bottom of the cake mold. Chop the chocolate and melt it carefully in a water bath or microwave. Foam the soy cream and add the melted chocolate. Spread the chocolate soy cream filling on the biscuit cake base. Put the cake in the refrigerator for at least four hours. Remove the cake from the mold and move carefully to the serving plate. Decorate with Oreo biscuits and e.g. crushed vegan sucker candies. I used Fazer Marianne Crush. 


There’s actually only a few days left of the vegan challenge and I have to say that I’m quite happy with my performance, although it has not been flawless. I have to admit that there’s been a few slips, but to my defense, it’s never easy to jump into a new lifestyle without having to face e few obstacles on the way.

Okay, so the first slip was perfectly planned. I made sea salt toffee candies including a bit of honey. I convinced myself that this is not that bad and if I continue this lifestyle after this months challenge, I will probably continue eating honey from time to time. The second slip¬†happened at a customer dinner. I made a decision before the evening not to make a number of my new diet and just eat the served foods. It was a good decision and made the night a bit easier, but it also made me more convinced of wanting to continue the challenge. The next obstacle came a bit unexpectedly, as a colleague was having a farewell party and offered us cake and candies at the office. Again surrounded by colleagues, I felt I didn’t want to start explaining myself, so I ate one slice of the cake (and a few candies). Maybe it’s needless to say that I haven’t told my colleagues about my vegan challenge.

I’m not that disappointed about the above mentioned slippages, as I’m of this next one… milk chocolate! My dear mom gave me milk chocolate candy biscuits as a souvenir, and I’m sorry to say I didn’t have enough backbone to resist the temptation, and have been eating one or two of those biscuits every evening this week. Why oh why am I still so hooked on sugar?! One of my targets was to cut down on sugar, so I truly feel I’ve failed on that level.

Now when the confessions have been made, I’m still happy to announce I’m not going to quit. Despite of these slippages, I feel good and have gained lots more energy. Speaking of which, just look at the colors of the green juice I made last weekend!


img_20180125_1951341157489283.jpg img_20180125_195036445339230.jpg


Last weekend we also had some really cold, yet beautiful, winter days and we had to keep the house warm with help of the fireplace. This weekend will be rainy and we’ve already lost almost all the snow, which is a pity. I loved the surroundings those crispy mornings.

How has your first month of the year been so far?

xx mybohem

A healthy outside starts from the inside -Day 3

– Robert Urich

I made it! The 3-Day Juice Challenge by Jason Vale is now over and I have to say I feel amazing. Today I’ll share my feelings from the last day and also from this morning, the first day after the challenge.

Day 3 – Feeling like a boss, energy on top

Today I got to sleep a bit longer and it felt really good. After all the usual morning routines it’s again time for juicing. I feel I start to have a hang on it! The juicing goes quicker than the days before, although I now have to prepare four juices, one for breakfast and three to go. Meal prep is something I plan to keep doing also after the challenge.

07:20 Breakfast juice (Detox Special) and one large cup of mint tea.

9:00 Half liter of cold water. No headache anymore whatsoever, yay! I feel energetic and a bit restless as I know I have to sit and work for eight hours…

10:00 Morning juice (H20 Detox). Feel a bit cold afterwards, so I decide to take one large cup of green tea.

12:45 Lunch (Beyond Detox). I don’t feel hungry but drink up anyway.

13:00 Yes! Only three more hours, then it’s off work.

14:00 Half liter of cold water. This workday feels so long…

16:00 TGIF! Finally off work.

16:30 Afternoon juice (H20 Detox).

17:00 To celebrate the last day of the challenge, I watch the Super Juice Me! documentary and as I could expect, it’s really motivating!

19:00 The last juice and today’s dinner (Dreamy Detox). Yay, it feels great to end the juice challenge with one of my favorites!

20:00 Rest of the evening I spend chilling by the fireplace with my laptop and a large cup of mint tea.

22:00 Sleep time! Zzzz

The last day I finally felt the energy! The headache I’ve had for a couple of days was now totally gone, and even the poor weather could not affect my good humor. I didn’t feel hunger or any kind of cravings. I feel so proud of myself for carrying out the challenge without any struggles. It amazes me how easy it actually was!

Summary – Totally worth it!

The challenge was totally worth doing! I feel great and have lots of inspiration now to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I woke up this Saturday full of energy and started the morning with a berry smoothie and mint tea. My habits were not that bad from the begin with, but there’s always place for improvement. My weakness is, I’m often insanely hungry after work and eat whatever I get in my hands, the faster the better, and the thing is, usually that’s something unhealthy. Now I know better and will simply make myself a juice. It surprised me how well the juices kept my hunger away all day, but when you think about it it’s kind of obvious, as you get so much healthy nutrition into your body. I will not deny any foods from myself in the future either (I know that would never work long term), because I know I want to eat pizza at times, but I’m happy if I can include a juice or a salad to my diet a bit more often.


My breakfast this morning: blueberry-blackberry-natural yogurt smoothie and my usual tea.

Things I’ve noticed in myself:

  • My stomach worked normally, no problems there. I’m used of drinking lots of water and therefore visit the toilet quite often anyway.
  • My¬†skin looks brighter but a part of the credits goes of course to the facial I had before the challenge. I’ve been juicing before, so I know it has good effects on skin.
  • My weight has probably not changed.¬†I don’t own a functioning scale so I don’t have any idea if I’ve loosen weight, but it was not why I did the challenge in the first place.
  • My energy level is on top and it was one of my main goals with this challenge. I love it!
  • My¬†cravings¬†are gone, I have none whatsoever! This is super weird because I’m such a sucker for sweets and fast food. I’m very happy about this!

I’ve been juicing for some time now, and I suspect this challenge is easier for those who are familiar with juicing and have a relatively healthy lifestyle to begin with, but it’s worth trying even if it’s a totally new thing to you. It will only be for three days, so anyone can do it! The instructions are super easy to follow, Jason Vale is an enthusiastic person and his videos will help you through every day. I would say that good planning and preparations are the key to success. It will help if you can clear your calendar from other things, so that you can focus on the challenge 100%. All in all, this 3-Day Juice Challenge will give you a kick start to a healthier lifestyle and I can warmly recommend it to anyone who feels up to it!

Enjoy the weekend!

xx mybohem


A healthy outside starts from the inside -Day 2

– Robert Urich

Yesterday I shared my feelings from the first day on the 3-Day Juice Challenge by Jason Vale. Today it’s time to tell you about my second day on this challenge. Hope you enjoy!

Day 2 – Good tastes, slow motion

I had a good night sleep, so I felt quite spry in the morning, although it was again a bit earlier wake up than what I’m used to. I did my usual routines; wash-up, make-up, dress-up and then started with my new ritual – the juicing. This day’s menu looked a bit different, so it’s nice to have some variation. One positive notice – I did not feel hungry at all this morning.

07:00 Breakfast juice (Super Detox) and one large cup of mint tea. This morning juice tastes really good and fresh. It contains pineapple, blueberries, blackberries and natural yogurt.

8:00 A large cup of mint tea and half liter of cold water.

10:30¬†I’m in a meeting starting to feel a bit cold, but otherwise all is good. I drink one glass of cold water.

12:00 It’s time for lunch (Dreamy Detox). I like this one very much! It’s a green juice with some of my favorites; apples, lemon, cucumber, celery and ginger. I also take the usual¬†large cup of mint tea and half liter of cold water.

13:30 I feel warm in my body and the little headache is slightly fading away.

14:30 I start to feel hungry and try to keep myself full by drinking mint tea and water. I hope also the headache would keep away.

16:00 Yin yoga. This yoga is not as intense as ashtanga, so it suits well for today’s slow motion mood.

17:00 Having a call with one of my dearest friends, and feel thankful for all her support.

17:30¬†Afternoon drink (H20 Detox). I actually don’t feel that hungry anymore.

Here’s today’s dinner in a bowl. Beyond Detox ingredients: 3 Apples, 1 large handful Spinach Leaves, 2-3 cm Raw Red Beet, 2-3 cm Cucumber, 4 springs Fresh Parsley, 1/2 Avocado.


18:00 Preparing the dinner juice and chopping next days ingredients ready into bowls.

19:00 Dinner juice (Beyond Detox). This is the same as yesterday, but I like the taste so I have no problem drinking it.

19:30 I take a long warm shower and just relax in bed rest of the evening, watching some TV shows from my laptop. Okay, this part is not exactly what Jason Vale recommends, as he thinks the TV should be off during the challenge. I however like to relax this way and don’t think it’s that bad if you’re not used to combining it with eating.

21:00 Feeling sleepy and put the laptop away. Sweet dreams!

The topmost feelings from today were that I liked the juices more than the day before, but my energy level was still quite low. The headache was not that bad anymore, so I guess my need for caffeine is slightly fading. After the yoga session my humor was high and my friend’s pep talk made it even higher. No big struggles and that’s a bit surprising. I actually enjoy following the instructions, not having to think about what to make for dinner, haha.

Tomorrow I’ll share the last day’s feelings and give you a summary of the whole experience.

Wish you all a lovely Friday!

xx mybohem


A healthy outside starts from the inside

– Robert Urich

I believe nutrition has a big impact on our health and what we put in our body reflects from our external being. I’m far from perfect when it comes to healthy eating but I usually notice from my energy level and overall being, when I should start putting extra attention to my diet. My weak point is that I’m a lazy cook and I hate grocery shopping, so I tend to eat just whatever we happen to have at home, usually something super easy and quick. I’m lucky, we don’t have all too much crap at hand, haha.

Juicing is both easy and quick and I guess that’s why I like it so much! You can do endless variations and hardly ever fail, all the juices are simply delicious. This autumn I decided, I’d try¬†the 3-Day Juice Challenge by Jason Vale in hope to get extra energy and also out of curiosity. I want to find out if there’s any changes I can feel and see in myself in just three days. I will share my experience with you and hope you get inspired as well!

Preparations – Prepping, Shopping & Chopping

I bought the Jason Vale’s 3-Day Juice Challenge app already a few weeks ago and wanted to really get familiar with the contents. I think it was good to have enough time to get myself into the right mood and also to choose the perfect timing for the challenge.

I decided to start my challenge on Wednesday, ¬†and I happened to have a facial on Tuesday, which was a perfect way to relax before the challenge. After my facial, I did all the grocery shopping and went home to do some preparations. I washed and chopped all the ingredients for the next day’s breakfast, lunch and afternoon drinks, and put them into own bowls in the fridge to wait for the morning. In the evening I had a little headache, I guess it was from the facial and the massage, so I went early to bed to get a good night sleep.

In this picture you can see almost all the vegetables and fruits I’m going to consume during the 3-Day Juice Challenge. According to Jason Vale it’s as much as an average person would consume in three weeks. I don’t have a problem with this, it looks so fresh and delicious!


Day 1 – Feeling good, energy low

After my usual morning routines, I started to prepare the first three juices for breakfast, lunch (Detox Special) and afternoon (H20 Detox). I made the lunch and afternoon drinks ready and put them into large bottles to take with me to work. To get it all done, I had to wake up a bit earlier than normally, but it was really good that I chopped all the ingredients ready into own bowls the evening before. This made it so much smoother!

07:00 Here I go, I drink the first juice for breakfast (Detox Special) and one large cup of mint tea. I feel full after the drink and I like the taste as well.

8:00 At work I would  normally take a double-double espresso but now I go for a large cup of mint tea and half liter of cold water.

9:00 Feeling great, two hours later still feeling full in my stomach!

10:30 A large cup of mint tea and half liter of cold water.

11:30 A little headache, could be from yesterday’s facial and massage…

11:30 First time starting to feel slightly hungry.

12:00 Lunch drink (Detox Special), a¬†large cup of mint tea and half liter of cold water. I had a bit cold fingers but otherwise I feel good. The drink is the same as in the morning so that’s maybe a bit boring but it tastes okay anyway.

13:30 A large cup of mint tea and half liter of cold water.

16:00 Ashtanga yoga. This is the second class in a long time but I feel really good during the whole exercise. No headache, hunger or thirst.

17:30 Afternoon drink (H20 Detox). I empty the whole one liter bottle in just a few minutes and feel quite full again. Starting to have a headache again.

18:00 Preparing the dinner drink and chopping next days ingredients ready into bowls. Starting to feel a bit annoyed about washing the juicer, but remind myself It’s the same thing with any cooking.

19:00 Dinner (Beyond Detox). The juice tastes better than the earlier ones, so I drink¬†it with a great appetite. Afterwards I start to feel exhausted…

19:30 Bedtime… Yes!? I can’t remember this happening ever before. I feel good in my body but just extremely tired, so I give in to this feeling and actually go to sleep.

The summary of the day would be that I felt really good but not that energetic. I had a headache throughout the whole day, but felt that it was a bit better during the yoga session. I suspect the headache was caused from the massage I got on Tuesday during my facial, as all the blood circulation revived, but of course it can have something to do with the new diet also. I’m positively surprised I didn’t feel any hunger or cravings the whole day.

Tomorrow I’ll share my experience from Day 2, so stay tuned!

xx mybohem


If life gives you lemons, make some kind of fruity juice

– Conan O’Brien

I’ve been interested in natural cosmetics for some years now, and have step by step moved towards using all natural products. Now about an year after only using natural skincare products and cosmetics, my skin is better than ever! Of course there’s some aging to be seen on my face (I’m over thirty for god’s sake), but I’ve got rid of impurity and almost all blackheads, and I feel that my skin nowadays has a natural and healthy glow. On top of that, I don‚Äôt have a need to put that much makeup on anymore, as I feel more comfortable in my own skin. Anyway, I can’t give all the credits to the products, because I’ve been doing some changes also in my diet, not anything dramatic, yet big enough to have an effect to my well being. I’ve been juicing!

I was introduced to juicing by my cosmetologist about one year ago, when she invited me to an evening event she held to some of her customers. I had heard about juicing before but didn’t know that much about it. I went to this event with an open mind, and learned more of all the benefits and experiences of juicing, got to see the making of it and taste different green juices. After the event I was so inspired I had to watch the documentary “Fat, sick and nearly dead”, and from that point, I’ve been confident that juicing is really good for your health and overall well being.

In January I finally ordered my own juicer and since then juicing has been a weekly part of my diet. I’m not necessarily making juices every day, I just go with the feeling. Mostly I do juices in the weekends but sometimes I just feel I need that extra energy for example after a long day at work and make myself a glass of green juice.

The idea of juicing is to not only use fruit, but to include all kinds of vegetables. And the list of variations is endless. I like to add at least lemon and ginger to all my juices; otherwise I often just go with what we have at home, like apple, pear, orange, cucumber, broccoli, spinach, pineapple, celery, zucchini, carrot and beetroot, just to mention a few of my favorite ingredients.


One of the biggest benefits I’ve noticed when juicing is that I automatically eat lots of more vegetables and fruits when I can drink them. Also I feel more energetic and healthy, my skin is better and on top of that I think the juices actually taste really good. I think my husband can agree on that too.

Since I’ve had my own juicer, I’ve been following a group in Facebook called Juice Finland, where people are telling about their own experiences of juicing and it’s just so amazing to read about all those stories. For some people this has really been a life changer, or in some cases, even a life saver! I’m planning to do a 3-Day Juice Challenge by Jason Vale during this autumn just to see what kind of changes it will do in me, and if it seems suitable I may even try a longer challenge.¬†Juicing is slowly becoming an addiction – a good one!

Lot’s of energy to you!

xx mybohem